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Designing Fashionable Street Wear For the Rich and The Brokies At The End of The Day We Same Same but Different


The pursuit of financial success is a common aspiration that drives many people around the world. The inspiration for making money often stems from a blend of practical needs, personal ambitions, and societal pressures. At its core, money represents security, freedom, and the ability to improve one's quality of life. However, the irony lies in the fact that while the pursuit of money is driven by the desire for these positive outcomes, it can sometimes lead to consequences that contradict these very goals.

Beyond basic needs, the desire for a better quality of life drives people to seek higher earnings. Money enables access to education, travel, cultural experiences, and various luxuries that enhance one’s lifestyle. It opens doors to opportunities that might otherwise remain closed, fueling aspirations for personal growth and fulfillment. Many individuals find inspiration in the success stories of others who have achieved financial independence, using them as role models to chart their own paths to prosperity.

Tunnel Vision


Sleek Style Trendy Designs. It ain't about whats on your body, it's about what's in your pocket.

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Low Pro Fitteds

No Cap

Show them you got the paper no cap with the cap that will speak for you

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Rich and Rockin


You worked hard for it now show it off even if you got no money

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  • Brady

    "I love shopping at NMG! Their designs and styles make every piece feel like a statement.

  • Cyrus K

    "Dope af ong"

  • Kimberly N

    "Definitely worth the price the material is nice and i ain't go no money :D"